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Peter Cushing

Friday 10 October 2014

Shinybloodyitis 1 - Me 0

I am very impressed with Warlord Games' service. The single miniature I needed to complete the complement for the next project arrived almost the day after I ordered it.

Errrr... along with some more miniatures.


Now, to be fair, I didn't spend much. But the entire point of this was that I wasn't going to spend anything more than the bare minimum to avoid the wrath of She Who Must Be Obeyed. So I guess I have to find a use for the leftovers.

For the tally, then, I have two seventeenth century Rabble Rousers to use up and a suspiciously familiar roman general...

I have an idea for the General but I'm damned if I can think of a use for the two spare seventeenth century chaps. I'll stick up a picture of them when I've got them unpacked so anyone who's got any bright ideas can chip in.


  1. Now I picked up some of those rabble rousers myself, although they have yet to see paint. take at look at these if you get a chance:

  2. Ooh, I do like me a good mob. Pitchforks and flaming torches too. I can feel even more Mittle European Hammer Horror coming on....