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Peter Cushing

Saturday 11 October 2014

Shield Question

Just looking at the Romans taking shape over at Legatus' blog and his musing about shield transfers. Back in my days of scale modelling quite a few people had some success printing their own decals. Has anyone tried that for shields?

One of the projects coming up will require the painting of a large number of shields and given what happened to the White Hands on my Uruk Hai last time, any shortcuts are probably to be seized with both hands.


  1. I've often wondered bout the same, I know you can get transfer paper for an inkjet printer, but never been brave enough to to try.

  2. Just reading through my blog roll and this gentleman mentioned that he's been experimenting with homemade decals -

  3. Thanks, RAE. I follow him as well but hadn't spotted him talking about it. I shall have a rifle through his back catalogue.