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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Thou Shalt Not Suffer...

And so we begin with the second one.

As any general will tell you, detailed planning is the key to a successful operation.
So here we have my detailed plan.


Stunning, I'm sure you'll agree.

Our stars for this project are the Warlord Games Parliamentary Infantry; phenomenal value as this box cost me only £12 at a show. That's £12 for 40 miniatures. I'm just going to say that again - £12 for 40 figures. Now I know the usual RRP is £22 - but that's still around 50p per chap. As I say - incredible value. Three of them will be forming the main body of our gallant heroes whilst the rest of them... ah, well, that would be telling.

The sculpts on these seem to be better than the British Line Infantry used in the last project; there are fewer soft areas and the details are generally crisper. The faces, as with the other Warlord plastics I used, are a particular strength; full of character and emotion. I just hope the painting does them justice.

Poses are a little limited as the bandoliers and apostles limit which arms and muskets and can arranged on which bodies. This could well lead to a lot of repetition if you were building a proper wargaming force; for limited use in a vignette, there's no concerns really.

The only lead addition to this is the Rabble Rouser I bought the pack for; indeed, the whole concept of the piece hung on finding the right figure in the right pose, so I was happy to find this chap. Here he is with his comrades.

So tomorrow will be the construction of the Opposition; this will require a trip into the depths of the garage as I pretend to be Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Lead Pile. After that will be the start of construction on the scenic elements. This all works out quite nicely as I'm teaching the Wars of the Three Kingdoms at the moment and so can pass this all off as research if I talk fast enough.

In other news, Lion Rampant has caught my eye with the thought of cobbling together some Low Fantasy, semi-historical stuff but that's on the back-burner.

I must resist the Siren call of Shinybloodyitis.

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  1. I'm already loving this, just perfect for my Witchfinder project.